Monday, August 3, 2015

A Hostile Take Over Followed by Loneliness and Death

What if there were to be another world war and a great leader rose to defeat all in his path. Then, with wining the war and trying to rebuild society, this great leader feels vastly superior to everyone and wants everyone to be like him. With all of the resistance and everyone not appreciating their savior and what he is trying to accomplish, he decides to eradicate all of human existance. While he sits on earth alone, an advanced race of other world beings happens by his planet. They are curious as to what happened and notice a sole "survivor". They take him on their craft back to their planet so he can tell his story in great detail and they can learn about how his planet and people differed from their own. The man is annoyed by their curiosity and wages war on this civilization. After spending some time on this planet he has picked up on how to operate a few things and how some things work. He somehow manages to annihilate the people of this planet. He  feels even more superior. He discovers that there are other planets with life on them. He travels from planet to planet, conquering all of them. For another time, he is all alone. After having visiting all of these planets and studying their technologies, he decided to be alone no more. He creates his own people and in his image and perfection. They are to be like him and obey him. He builds them a world to live in. But, they are like him, and start to get curious and think for themselves. They have offspring and teach them to be curious as well. The man gets angry and tries with all of his might to manage, punish, and correct people. He floods them and starts over. He opens the earth to swallow them when they complain. But, he can not live forever. He dies. And the world he has created starts to decay and spiral out of control. He is not there to control the weather or punish anyone. The world is doomed to destroy itself. And here we are.

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