Saturday, August 1, 2015


Some quest for love. Others wait for love. Does either know what they are questing or waiting for? Will they know it when it happens, or mistake it for an irrational emotion? Maybe what I want isn't love. Whatever anyone decides to label it, it's what I want. Other things you can feel. When you do something you know is wrong, you feel bad. When you are nervous or anxious, you feel it in your chest and stomach. What I want is felt like that. The way a parent and child look at each other, care for each other, and feel for each other, unconditionally and objectively, without judgement. That is what I want. In fiction, super heroes protect and save others selflessly. What someone like that must feel on the inside. A burning passion that can't be extinguished. That's what I want. Someone to look at and shed several tears out of the joy and happiness you feel just by being in their presence. That's what I want. I only want what I can give. I have a giant heart and no one seems to want it. Would you judge a book by a single chapter or by the review of another person. Or, would you read it before deciding if you liked it or not. -Carl Stem

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